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Carbon Farming

Test pots of olivine treated grass.Olivine is a magnesium silicate rock that weathers slowly to magnesium bicarbonate when in contact with carbon dioxide. It offers the prospect of capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and storing it in a form that does not cause climate change. EO&S is collaborating with Dr R. D. Schuiling from Holland and Dr B. Singh of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sydney to determine ways of speeding up the rate of weathering.


Finely ground olivine can be applied to farm lands to reduce acidity and at the same time capture carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide captured and the role of plants in changing the soil chemistry is being investigated with the support of a TechVoucher.




Ocean Nourishment ®  

Mankind is faced with three interconnected problems, those of rising population, the provision of adequate food and the increasing level of waste carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


The company holds patents for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation technology that nourishes the ocean to produce more fish. Reactive nitrogen for the ocean is obtained from the atmosphere using natural gas as fuel stock.


It has licenced the Ocean Nourishment Corporation to commercialise this technology. These issues are addressed in a new book called Nurture the oceans: Save the Earth.


GHG Mitigation

Earth Ocean and Space has developed a number of technologies to generate carbon credits. The most promising technology using the ocean is Ocean Nourishment TM as discussed above.


On a smaller scale neutralising carbonic acid with calcium carbonate has promising economics. Carbon Capture and Ocean Storage, by changing the alkalinity of the ocean, can permanently store more carbon in the ocean.


Some laboratory results supporting this technology can be viewed at the report CCOS using Neutralisation. EO&S has submitted a request for approval of this new mothod of sequestering carbon to the CDM Executive Board of the UNFCCC.


If approved, the carbon dioxide absorbed by the EO&S process can be designated as Certified Emission Reduction (CER) units and traded on international exchanges.


To learn more about this green technology read the document Carbon Capture and Ocean Storage CCOS.

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