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Ocean Colour Satellite Monitoring


EOS has developed expertise in obtaining ocean satellite data for analysis of temperature, productivity and turbidity.

  • NASDA in Japan required ground truth measurements around Australia and used the services of EOS to arrange for the collection of ocean chlorophyll samples. 


Environmental and Climate Research


EOS can assemble experienced teams of researchers to address environmental and climate issues at short notice to provide research and monitoring and scientific reports.

  • The Bureau of Meteorology contracted EOS to prepair a technical report for the GCOS/GOOS secretariat for development of a meta-data directory.
  • The Ocean Nourishment Corporation retained EOS to measure the potential for ocean productivity improvements at numerous sites.
  • Manly Hydraulics Laboratory contracted EOS to develop an IT Strategy Plan for the Coastal Environmental Data Management System.
  • The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and Australian Government Survey Organisation contracted EOS to create a report and CD-ROM of meta-data and readily available Temperature and Salinity data for key Australian ports.
  • BHP Petroleum retained EOS to design an underwater acoustic dector of gas flow from a release valve riser.


Environmental and Climate Monitoring


EOS can arrange for water quality, currents, upwelling and sediment using in-situ or satellite techniques.

  • The Industrial Research and Development board funded EOS to monitor ocean waves from space.
  • The Ocean Nourishment Corporation retained EOS to carry out a base line study of the Sulu Sea.
  • EOS self-funded the collation of satellite data for the Canary Current region off the West Coast of Africa around Morocco and Senegal.


Greenhouse Gas Mitigation by CO2 Reduction


 EOS holds patents relative to a number of technologies for the storage of carbon in the ocean.

  • Independent research and development into the carbon storage induced by fertilising acid soils with olivine. The research focuses on accelerating the weathering of this readily available silicate rock.
  • An internal research project demonstrated the feasibility of enhancing photosynthesis in the upper ocean and thus increasing the oceanic uptake of carbon dioxide.
  • cLET contracted EOS to review intellectual property for coal gassification a technology critical to the sucess of carbon capture and storage and introduction of clean coal.


Geographic Information System (GIS) Projects


 EOS can set up marine GIS projects and populate with existing environmental data. 

  • The Ocean Nourishment Coropration contracted EOS to set up and populate a number of GIS projects for analysis of marine ecosystems.
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