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Earth Ocean & Space has published a monograph on one of its core technologies, satellite remote sensing of the oceans. The book, entitled Remote Sensing of the Pacific Ocean by Satellites, is edited by US expert Robert Brown. This book represents a milestone for EO&S Publishing which is now focusing on CD­ ROM and other information intensive products.





Satellite Remote Sensing of the Oceanic Environment - $80.00



Australian Oceans Bibliography CD-ROM 1800 -2000 - $90.00



Marine and Coastal Data Management Conference Proceedings - $30.00



Nurture the Ocean : Save the Earth



Ocean Nourishment® in the Philippines - Proof of Concept Report for the Sulu Sea



Oceanography in the Days of Sail; probing the seas around Australia - $50.00



Remote Sensing of the Pacific Ocean by Satellites - $120.00

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