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Located at the Australian Technology Park (in association with the University of NSW, the University of Technology, Sydney, and the University of Sydney), we are able to build teams to tackle difficult and broad spectrum problems.


Our key personnel have a long history of association with the University of Sydney, in particular, and we have assembled teams of national experts at short notice to address clients' needs.


Students working on projects, under supervision of EO&S staff, have provided a very cost-effective way of investing novel engineering problems. These projects have led to patented ideas in some cases.


Peter Harris [Director]

BSc [U.Washington], MSc, PhD [U. College, Swansea]

Diverse activities include sediment studies, water analysis and remote sensing; Consultant to leading scientific organisations [CSIRO, DSTO, Sydney Water, GBRMPA].




George F. Humphrey (Retired) [Research Advisor]

BSc MSc PhD [Syd] LLB [UNSW]

Past Chief, CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography, Past Chairman IOC, Past President SCOR. Editor Journals Marine Biology and Marine Ecology. George is also on the editorial Bioscience and the Law. Barrister, Supreme Court of NSW.


Ian S.F. Jones [Director]

BE[UNSW], PhD [Waterloo], CPEng.

Ian has extensive international experience in engineering and oceanography; founding Director EO&S; Past Pres. AMOS, Past  Chair Nat. Committee Aust. Academy of Sciences, SCOR Executive Committee. Ian is an Adjunct Professor of Engineering [University of Sydney] and Adjunct Senior Scientist [Columbia NY]. He is also the co-author of three books, 86 papers and 40 technical reports.



Edwina Tanner [Oceanographer]

MSc [Syd]

A physical oceanographer with practical experience in data collection and management; past project manager for Blue Pages and Vice Chair of AMOS [Sydney]. Past Chair of Technical Advisory Group on Oceanographic Data Management. Edwina has authored a number of bibliographies on Australian oceanography, technical manuals plus marine and coastal scientific data reports. Edwina is an associate lecturer in marine science and climate change at the University of Sydney.


Anthony P. Heynen [Manager Africa]

CPEng, BE M Eng Sc.

Environmental Engineer, Manager Africa. Anthony has two years experience as an environmental consulting engineer and before that worked as the environmental officer for a mining company.


Martin W. Lawrence

BSc [University of Sydney], PhD [University of New South Wales]

Martin's interests are climate change mitigation and underwater acoustics.


Daniel HarrisonDaniel P. Harrison [Director]

BE, M Phil [University of Sydney]

Daniel's interests include sensor development, harbour surveys and ocean nourishment. See Daniel's TED talk here ...





Helen Young [Publisher]

MA [University of Sydney]

Helen focuses on greenhouse gas publishing and policy research on the problems of Asian developing nations.

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